About Us
Teamified is the collaboration hub that makes playing sports simpler, more pleasant and more collaborative. From large organizations to single teams, people around the world use Teamified to instantly communicate, share relevant information and use tools specific to their team or organization.
who we are
Teamified is part of the C2 Media Group – a team passionate about utilizing technology to enable communities to Connect and Collaborate (C2) with unique tools and resources specific to each community.  Our office is in West Palm Beach, FL.
our values
We believe that bringing sports organizations and teams together – by enabling membersto connect and collaborate easier – facilitates not only better, stronger relationships but also a kinder, more compassionate world.
We believe that it’s better to connect with others about topics specific to each community. You may think that’s obvious, but on Teamified, your updates don’t go head-to-head with cats doing backflips, toddlers eating cake or, worst of all, political nonsense.
We believe that team collaboration goes far beyond connecting on Facebook.  Specifically, our platforms are based on integration and collaboration of league administrators, coaches, managers players and more to ensure input from the entire team ecosystem.
We believe using your true identity and honestly representing yourself is a fundamental (and mandatory) part of making sports more pleasant and more collaborative.
our mission
We are a purpose driven company with a mission to improve every team member’s experience. We endeavor to do this by providing a platform that simplifies communication, provides useful tools and resources and facilitates community collaboration.