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Advanced Automation – The Details

  • Automated Guest Emails –  Keep your guests informed at all stages of their travel – with custom emails sent upon making a new reservation and specific pre-arrival, arrival, pre-departure and post departure dates. Each email is intended to seamlessly guide guests through your process (from arrival and departure instructions to review requests. 
  • Automated Payment Schedule Links –  Send automated payment request based on your payment schedule.  Each request will include a link to securely and privately view reservation details and make payment that posts directly to the guests folio and into your bank account
  • Automated Updates – From updating owners and/or property managers of a new reservation or payment made to notifying housekeeping of a guest request or maintenance of a property issue – you can rest assured that your team will be kept apprised – in real time – of all details regarding your rental business 
  • Automated Payments – Automate the entire guest payment process based on customized payment schedules to fit your rental business (e.g. 50% deposit with balance due 30 days prior to arrival) and ensure payments are made.when they should be – without taking a second of your valuable time
  • Automated Processes –  Automatically update and synch reservation calendars upon new reeservation, create new cleaning requirement based on departure date with notices sent to Housekeeping (did we mention you can delegate based on a first-come, first-serve basis or directly to one cleaner), create maintenance requirement based on guest request and more
  • Automated Accounting –  Automatically journal guest payments with precision (based on realized income versus refundable deposit); cleaning expenses (based on housekeeping verification), channel expenses (based on OTA charges) and more
  • Get More Bookings without Creating More Work Connect to the top booking sites in the industry like Airbnb, Vrbo, and more – while automatically synchronizing calendars, inboxes and more
  • And… More Automation –  Automate rental rates, flight information and updates (e.g to host completing check-in), reservation notes (e.g. for special requests), Housekeeping Notes (e.g. extra blankets) Check-out confirmation from guests and more