the simple, secure instant communication and information sharing platform built specifically for sports organizations and teams
the simple, secure instant communications and information sharing platform built specifically for for sports organizations and teams
Teamified provides a private, central hub for league administrators, coaches, managers, parents and players to easily communicate, collaborate, access information, share ideas and more – for free.
Club & League Administrators
Teamified makes club administration a breeze. Talk to us or sign up for a demo.
Coaches & Team Managers
Create a team for free and make administration and team communication effortless.
Athletes & Parents
Be a hero and create a team for free. Your coach and team participants will say thank you!
How Teamified is different from other social media tools
Teamified differs from other social media tools in four important ways:
Relevant, More Meaningful Dialogue
Interact instantly with your coaches, teammates and more about topics relevant to your organization or team – without going head-to-head with cats doing backflips, toddlers feeding chocolate cake to their baby sister or, worst of all, political nonsense. Converse constructively, share ideas and collaborate more on what matters.
Essential Community-Specific Tools
From roster updates or making an online payment to registering electronically and participating in a team meeting (through integrated Zoom video conferencing), our team and league tools provide convenience unlike any social network alternative.
360° Team Integration
Not just for teammates or coaches, our platform is based on integration and collaboration of league administration, team management, parents and more. So whether sharing an idea with a team manager through private messaging, uploading a document directly to league administration, or reaching out to a teammate through the Directory, our online utilities ensure integration of the entire team ecosystem.
Built Exclusively for Your Team or Organization
Unlike social networks, each Teamified web portal is built and customized exclusively for your team or organization – a “social utility” with unique tools and resources only available to and accessible by members who have verified by other members of your team. And it’s free. Yes, 100% Free.

More Collaboration. Essential Tools. No Social Media Nonsense.

  • Teamified
    Share updates and memories instantly with Bulletin Board
  • Teamified
    View and add events on the Team Calendar
  • Teamified
    Contact anyone on the team with Directory
  • Teamified
    Complete Forms online or download and print Documents
  • Teamified
    Pay invoices and dues online with Payment Portal
  • Teamified
    Sell, rent or give away items on Marketplace
  • Teamified
    Participate in a vitrual community meeting with Zoom Video

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